Welcome Heroic Fatherpreneur

Father's dedicated to unlocking their heroic potential to become the best version of themselves for their family and to live life on their terms.

Welcome Heroic Fatherpreneur

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Join the team of like minded Father's who are businessmen looking for the edge in mastering their family life, business life, and fitness life to become the Heroic Fatherpreneur their family and community deserves.

Who are we and why do we exist?

The Struggle is Real

The modern fatherpreneur often is stuck in the "same shit different day'' lifestyle and works marathon days and does not have a healthy work-life balance. They run on fumes and often lack energy for their family and friends.

  • They do not keep a regular workout routine and meal plan to ensure they’re energized and physically healthy.
  • They get so wrapped up in their day-to-day that they lose focus of their personal growth and their sense of purpose.
  • To have the ultimate success in both business and in life, it’s not only about generating more revenue for your company.It’s not about hustling 12+ hour days and forgetting to embrace this one life we have.
  • Fatherpreneurs commonly struggle with integrating family, fitness, romance, work, and contribution to their community.They’re usually successful and killing it at one aspect of life and losing at others.
  • They often get sidetracked with running their business and the “daily grind” that they sometimes forget the reasons why they’re doing it in the first place.  Whether that be family, impact, purpose, legacy, etc. 
  • Business creeps into family time.  It distracts you from the people you love.  The stress might affect how you treat those around you.  And many fatherpreneurs neglect their physical health which leads to a whole other set of problems. 
  • With a fresh perspective and intense daily practice, all of this can shift. 
  • The ultimate success as a fatherpreneur is serving your mission and purpose, living a vibrant energetic love life, setting the right example for your children, being present when you’re with your family, and creating a life that is undeniably yours.


Destroy Isolation:

We believe in the no Fatherpreneur left behind philosophy. This tight team of fatherprenuers uplifts and empowers one another to stay engaged with their commitments. Team work makes a dream work.

Meaningful Relationships:

 We believe in strong connections, through courageous communication on your path to victory to hold a supportive space of accountable to achieve a purpose driven life.

Victory Mindset:

We believe that hunger for personal and professional growth and contribution is key to becoming the leader your family deserves. We thrive in modeling, teaching, and preaching strategies that will empower each team member to become a Heroic Fatherpreneur. 


Heroic Marriage

Develop a power partnership that expresses passion, respect, and leads with the common mission of creating a powerful and thriving commitment to growing together as a couple and parents.

Raising Champions

Model, teach, and preach. Show up for your children as the Hero they want to become. Fully engage, listen, and support the young Champions you are raising.

Business Trajectory

It is time for The Heroic Fatherpreneur Flex. Surround yourself with like minded father's in business. Proximity is power. Master your daily schedules to take control of working in the business and working on the business.


Every Heroic Fatherpreneur needs the support of a Heroic Team. (T.E.A.M) Trust, Energy, Aligned, Mission

Fortitude in Adversity

Life's storms will try to destroy you but with Victory on your mind, Courage in your heart, and Strength in your body adversity is no match for the Heroic Fatherpreneur.

Father Figure

Make Dad Bod your bitch! Being a fatherpreneur is an all day everyday action packed sport with no off season. Set a daily standard of intense physical training with the Father Figure Daily Trainer.

Legendary Impact

We only have so many days with some many moments with our kids. It is our greatest responsibility to create a path to Victory that impacts the people we love.

Membership Features

Here’s a glimpse of what you get with membership to The Team: 

Father Figure Daily Training

How we train our body is how we live our life. Destroy Dad bod and get into the best shape of your life. The Father Figure Daily Training is 45 minutes intense workouts that will burn the dad bod fat away and build lean muscle and keep you feeling and looking athletic.

Victory Calls

Bi-weekly online strategic trainings and discussions to level up an account of the Fatherpreneur Core 7. You'll be game planning in breakout rooms with other Fatherpreneurs , journaling, and mapping out a strategy to help you move forward.

Hero Summits

We offer 5 day long online summits. With membership you get to save your spot, gift a fellow Father, and receive a discount to each immersive online summit.

We offer 5 day long online summits. With membership you get to save your spot, gift a fellow Father, and receive a discount to each immersive online summit.


Get access to the latest training's and exclusive Fulfilled Fathers interview series. Participate In pillar focused quarterly team challenges throughout the year.


We offer life transforming 50 day and 100 day masterminds. Save your spot, and receive a discount to each immersive mastermind.

Herobrary & Directory

Full access to past Victory Calls, virtual trainings, Father Figure Daily Trainings, connect with other Fatherpreneurs in the membership directory and create your own member profile.

T e s t i m o n i a l s

I have learned the strategies to energize my career and personal life. I am in the greatest shape ever and my confidence has skyrocketed.  I recommend this Team to anyone looking to get control back into their life and turn a goal into a skill.  My career and home life is at a level 10.”

Adam Best

“In order to elevate your game you need to face yourself! This Team makes that possible, in every aspect of life. The Heroic Fatherpreneurs holistic approach to create a better life for yourself, your family, your team and honestly anyone affected by the way you feel about yourself and the way you act, is unique. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Luke and together with him working on my game, physically and mentally. ”

Krister Genmark

“I have prioritize my wellness and strength so I can pour into my family and my company Since starting the program my company has grown 120% and I’m stronger than I have ever been.”

Jacques Spitzer

The Heroic Fatherpreneur Code

  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur affirms Victory is earned. Work ethic is his greatest resource.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur makes decisions for the betterment of his family, business, community.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur strengthens and trains his mind and body daily.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur surrounds himself with brothers on the path.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur takes immediate massive action toward his personal goals.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur lives a life of Legendary impact and contribution.
  • A Heroic Fatherprenur gives more of himself than he expects to receive from others.
  • A Heroic Fatherprenur creates victory moments for his family.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur is a beast in business.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur takes complete ownership of his daily and weekly planning.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur is fully engaged with the person who is right in front of him.
  • A Heroic Fatherpreneur is the Hero of his life story.

Team Fit...

  • Fathers who know that investing in their personal growth ultimately benefits their family and business.
  • Fathers who value a team culture. Show up for others and allow others to show up for you. 
  • Fathers who want to learn from other fathers' experiences to condense decades into days.
  • Fathers who are hungry to grow and break old limiting patterns.
  • Fathers who are fully committed to their family.
  • Fathers who are open minded and looking for new strategies.
  • Fathers who believe in the Heroic Fatherpreneur Code.

Not a Team Fit...

  • Fathers who aren't ready to fully commit to showing up for their family.
  • Fathers who have big EGO's and close minded.
  • Fathers who are not in charge of their schedule and won't make the time to fully participate.
  • Fathers who live the "Same shit different day" lifestyle are too comfortable to change
  • Fathers who choose mediocre over being Heroic.

Heroic Fatherpreneurs

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